Spreads, fees, interest and other charges will be payable by you when you trade using the Trading Platform. These charges will reduce your trading net profits (if any) or increase your losses.


A Fee of up to USD 10.00 per month may be payable by you when you have not logged in for a period of 3 months, in consideration for the provision of and the continued availability of the Trading Platform together with the cost of associated regulatory and compliance requirements. 


If you hold a position open after a certain hour, as shown in the instrument details section of the website, an Overnight Funding is either added to or subtracted from your account. 


NexusFT will charge a Currency Conversion Fee when you trade an instrument denominated in a different currency to that of your account currency. Our Currency Conversion Fee will include a reasonable charge in the spread above the wholesale market exchange rate of the realised Net Profit and Loss for such position and it is reflected in real time.